Charley Wu


Charley Wu is a cognitive scientist interested in the specific shortcuts and cognitive algorithms that people use to make inference tractable. Using online and virtual reality experiments, he employs computational models to predict and understand human behavior. These models allow us to understand the strategies and approximations that allow people to do so much with so little.
Charley is the PI of the Human and Machine Cognition lab ( at the University of Tübingen, jointly funded by the Machine Learning excellence cluster and the Tübingen AI center. Originally trained in Philosophy at the University of British Columbia, he pivoted to cognitive science via a M.Sc. from the University of Vienna and a PhD in Psychology from Humboldt University of Berlin, while based at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development. Prior to joining the University of Tübingen, he was a postdoc at Harvard University working with Fiery Cushman and Sam Gershman.


Developmental changes in learning resemble stochastic optimization in the space of learning strategies

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