Call for participation

Participating in IMOL2022

Participation in the workshop is free of charge. Given the specific nature of the meeting it is limited to a restricted number of people. Prospective attendees should submit either a brief statement of motivation or (preferably) an abstract to be presented as a poster or contributed talk.

The submission should be made by Feb 14th 2022 over easychair:

Topics of interest involve open-ended lifelong learning in autonomous agents and robots, for example:

  • Autonomous robot open-ended learning
  • Architectures for open-ended learning
  • Multi-task reinforcement learning
  • Deep reinforcement learning
  • Intrinsic motivations
  • Curriculum learning
  • Goal self-generation
  • Open-ended development
  • Multiple task solution and parameterized skills
  • Neural/probabilistic representations and abstractions
  • Goal-based skill learning
  • Knowledge transfer and avoidance of catastrophic forgetting
  • Compositionality and chunking
  • Abstraction and hierarchies of goals and skills
  • Visual planning and problem solving
  • Mitigating risks of real-world deployment of open-ended learning systems

Important Dates:

Abstract submission: Feb 14th 2022 (extended deadline)

Conference dates: April 4-6th 2022

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